Sara (pixelslut) wrote in shitty_comic,

Sorry for flooding your friends list with a non-comic, it wouldn't let me backdate this placeholder page. It sort of went without saying, but I felt like saying it anyway since I'm tying up some loose ends and such (in LiveJournal, that is), so, yeah...I'm not sure if I'll come back to this or not. It just got to be too much effort as it got less and less shitty.

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Noooo... =( Bring back the shittiness! I liked it muchly.

Good luck with your loose ends and things. =D

<3, Kylie
I just really wanted to say Slayer!!!
but yeah your comic owns so do more.
What loose ends? You don't DO anything!!!

P.S. Are you wearing cowboy boots? Eugh!
Awww... that's it? Good luck in whatever you do, and it'd be great to see more!
:( i miss the comic

bring it back, please?
I liked your comic about you not doing anything and wishing you had a good excuse. Damn that hit close to home.

Bring back the comic!!!