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Sara's Shitty Ass Comic

sorry it's so crappy

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Hello and welcome or whatever

This is my comic. I'm amazed I've been able to keep this up. Read it! It's shitty good!

There is no overall story, but there is a definite progression/chronology. If you read one or two strips, and think you might like it, I strongly reccommend starting at the begining, as there are a lot of references to, and dependancies with earlier strips. It'll make more sense, and make it seem more amusing -- I need all the help I can get -- besides, the last thing I need is you being all "WTF?"

While this is a community, you can't join it. It's just set up like that so I can post as pixelslut. You can friend it though. I mean please friend it. I mean friend it goddammit! Oh, and comment. A lot. No, Really. And it doesn't matter if you have anything to say, or if it's a really old comic.

This site is updated whenever I get a comic finished. Typically every 5-20 days. Get used to it. If that's annoying, check every Friday and there should be something new. I'm trying to stick to that, but we'll see how it goes.

This comic is on indefinite hiatus because I'm lazy and I suck.
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In the event that you're curious about how I make this comic, or are wondering the meaning of the above icon, the unimpressive and overly detailed step-by-step explaination is available on this page of my website. I enjoyed making it, and that's all that matters.

What else?

Oh yeah, If you think this is, like, the awesomest thing ever, you may be interested in buying some of my shitty art in T-shirt and memorabilia form. You may be, but you won't. Don't feel bad, I won't either. Christ, I'm plugging my store everywhere. I'm such a whore.

Here's some banner-type things...Link me up! I'll even link back to you if I have to (a.k.a. let me know if you link to me).


Comic/ Strip / Episode Guide
#01) Volume 1, Chapter 1, Page 1
#02) Clarification:
#03) Me...only better
#04) ban_set <user>
#05) Gothic Retards
#06) Petpeeve #78215
#07) Namedropping
#08) I hate coming up with titles
#09) L'imitateur, Pt.1
#10) Stranger in a Strange Whatever, Pt.1
#11) L'imitateur, Pt.2
#12) Stranger in a Strange Whatever, Pt.2
#13) L'imitateur, Pt.3
#14) Stranger in a Strange Whatever, Pt.3
#15) Currency of Sorts
#16) Lazy Ass Bitch
#17) The One Where Emily Is All Bitchy And Stuff
#18) Progressive Digression, Pt.1
#19) Progressive Digression, Pt.2
#20) The Hunt Begins
#21) t3h h4x0r
#22) OMG STFU!!1
#23) Public Service Announcement

Now for some links:



I doubt I'll have any issues with this, but dude, don't steal my shit. I mean, c'mon, that's so lame. And don't steal or make any icons unless you are either the person depicted or if said person lists you as a friend. Common sense people. Moving on:

Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, really should be irrelevant. I mean, if you look like a shitty ass drawing you need help. Seriously.
Really though, since the characters are based on my online friends, I steal borrow a lot from their personalities, journals and comments. Some of this shit is straight out of their mouths, but I prefer to take the credit anyway.

I think that's all for now.
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